SVDC has started on a small scale with 120 students in 2002 in an area of 8000 sqft., now we proclaim that the present strength of students is 1350 and area expanded to 35000 sqft. It is spacious building with three floors.

The college is equipped with excellent infrastructural facilities. It has ample accommodation satisfying the norms laid down by Osmania University. The class rooms are well ventilated, spacious and are provided with adequate furniture like Dual Desks, American Chairs, Black Boards, Glass Boards, Fans and Lighting arrangement etc. Separate waiting rooms are provided for Girl students and staff. Protected Mineral water is supplied in preserved water coolers & adequate toilets are provided as per norms. A separate spacious auditorium is constructed to accommodate students for extension lectures etc..


Adequate laboratory facilities exist for each department as  per University specifications.

Biotechnology, Microbiology & Biochemistry Labs
Credit goes to the management who has introduced such advanced  subjects for the first time in this district. Students were going to Hyderabad to seek admission in these courses. Though establishing these laboratories is a very costly affair  the management has come forward to introduce these courses at district level in this college. These labs are provided with advanced equipments like U.V lamps, Compound Research Microscopes, Inoculation and Incubation chambers, Chromatography equipment, Centrifuges, Refrigerators, Laminar Airflow, BOD Incubator, Electrophoresis, Distillation Unit, Binocular Microscopes, Spectro-photometer, Hot Air Oven, Autoclave, Electronic balance etc.  A seperate Air Conditioned culture room with all necessary infrastructure has also been provided.

Botany & Zoology Labs
These labs are provided with charts, models, specimens and conventional equipment to conduct Dissections and all the material as per syllabus. Enough working space is provided in all the laboratories keeping batch strength in  view.

Chemistry Labs
SVDC has eight fully equipped Chemistry Laboratories. These laboratories are equipped with adequate glassware and sophisticated equipments like Electronic Balance, Conductivity Meter, Coloriemeter, Suction Pump, Kipps Apparatus, Centrifuges, Balance room, Semi Micro Analysis Lab etc. The necessary infrastructures like good water supply, waste water drainage, gas supply through pipe line has also been provided.

Computer Labs
The Computer Labs are equipped with enough number of Computers with all the necessary software and hardware. Every student is provided with an opportunity to work and learn on the systems.

Physics Labs
The Physics Labs is equipped with all the instruments like Sodium vapour lamps,  Oscilloscopes, Spectrometers and Electrical and Electronic Equipment needed to conduct all the practicals in the syllabus.


The college has a full fledged and well stocked library and a spacious reading room. The library has rich collection of  books in each subject which is being improved every year. The books include textbooks, reference material and journals. Students should make good use of library and reading room.

Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa Auditorium
College has a very spacious well equipped, well furnished auditorium with multiple sound system included with LCD and projecter. It has 2500 sqft plinth area and accomodates more than 500 students for conducting daily seminars and extension lectures by eminent personalities from various universities and well known institutions.